CT Scanner

The Animal Emergency Center now has Central Oregon’s only CT Scanner for Pets!  This amazing technology allows us to image pets in a way we have never been able to before.  CT images can help your veterinarian diagnose conditions such as; nasal foreign bodies and tumors, inner ear disease, chest trauma, back disease and orthopedic abnormalities that can be challenging to diagnose with X-ray alone.   Contact your regular veterinarian or the Animal Emergency Center directly if you believe this technology could be beneficial to your pet.

We use the Vimago™ CT Scanner – the most advanced imaging device in the world. Vimago™ is a high-definition veterinary CT scanner that also performs Fluoroscopy and Digital X-ray, while using 60-90% less radiation than standard CT.  The scanner accommodates a large range of sizes, from a mouse to a Mastiff.