Stephanie S. Bend, OR

While I’ve never actually taken an animal here, I had an excellent experience with them.

Thursday afternoon we left our perfect (well, used to be perfect – the first four years of her life, at least) Australian Shepherd home alone. She found a 1/2 block of fudge we had brought home from vacation in a suitcase. And she ate it. All of it. We got home at 5:15 pm and discovered how she had spent her free time. I had an immediate pit in my stomach – was this going to kill her? I called our regular vet who was closing at 5:30. They told me to call the Emergency Clinic.

I called over and the receptionist was awesome.  The first thing she did was ask how much fudge, milk or dark chocolate and how much the dog weighs. She immediately consulted a chart that said the amount of chocolate wasn’t going to be toxic. Then she put me on hold to talk to the vet in charge. They gave me two options: wait it out at home – probably  have a dog with some serious GI issues for a day or two OR bring her in and induce vomiting. She told me how much the office visit and vomit would be. We opted to wait it out and see what happened. After a day at home and miraculously ZERO GI issues, our girl is ok.

We greatly appreciate the advice provided over the phone. All told it saved us about $200. We will never hesitate to consult the Emergency Clinic in an after hours emergency.