T.G. – Bend, OR

what a double edge sword.. the outcome of this visit was heartbreaking, but watching our big boy ” trout ” suffer was far worse.  for what ever reason our d-o-g (deeo’gee) went into a rapid decline.

he was a big boy.. 112 lb border collie / shetland pony mix.. a gentel giant, carefree, “thanks for noticing me”  type boy..  his listlessness was not of great concern as he did have that eyore quality.  i’ll spare you the details of his decline as the reason is not known.

we called our regular vet (on a sunday) their recording gave the animal emergency clinic phone number. our vet has been our vet for all of our animals for years, so needless to say, the thought of a stranger overseeing trouts last moments was a concern… we knew trout was suffering and to put him through that any longer was not an option.

we were greeted by kind loving people..  i can not say enough about them. their kindness was amazing. lisa (tats on her wrist.. in case there are two lisa’s there) and dr. putman were amazing… beyond words!!  there were others, but my mind was jumping around trouts life .. so i am sure introductions were made, but like i said .. my mind was not engaged…

though we left without trout we were grateful for the kindness and compassion extended to our boy and to us.