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My 2 yo Basset hound was throwing up, shaking, dizzy and had diarrhea and as the day went on it got worse and she was in pain. Around 11pm we decided she couldn’t wait until morning so we took her in. They were beyond helpful, kind, and they understood how to manage her since she is very skittish around humans having been rescued from an abusive breeder. They promptly got her an IV to stop her dehydration and gave us great info and medications for her gastrointestinal issues. She’s doing much, much better this morning and I owe it to this place. The $95 fee just to see her seemed high but it IS emergency care. The actual treatment seemed reasonable at $120 for the IV, a shot, two meds, and prescription food. Would go back in a heartbeat if any of my pets needed emergency care again.

Maile Matier

We were out of state and our westie became ill over the Christmas holidays. Animal ER was great. They were extremely caring, the doctor did a thorough exam, explained all costs before doing tests, and gave great care. The costs were very reasonable and they faxed all the records back to our vet at home. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of vet services when away from home or after hours.

Stephanie S. Bend, OR

While I’ve never actually taken an animal here, I had an excellent experience with them.

Thursday afternoon we left our perfect (well, used to be perfect – the first four years of her life, at least) Australian Shepherd home alone. She found a 1/2 block of fudge we had brought home from vacation in a suitcase. And she ate it. All of it. We got home at 5:15 pm and discovered how she had spent her free time. I had an immediate pit in my stomach – was this going to kill her? I called our regular vet who was closing at 5:30. They told me to call the Emergency Clinic.

I called over and the receptionist was awesome.  The first thing she did was More →

T.G. – Bend, OR

what a double edge sword.. the outcome of this visit was heartbreaking, but watching our big boy ” trout ” suffer was far worse.  for what ever reason our d-o-g (deeo’gee) went into a rapid decline.

he was a big boy.. 112 lb border collie / shetland pony mix.. a gentel giant, carefree, “thanks for noticing me”  type boy..  his listlessness was not of great concern as he did have that eyore quality.  i’ll spare you the details of his decline as the reason is not known.

we called our regular vet (on a sunday) their recording gave the animal emergency clinic phone number. our vet has been our vet for all of our animals for years, so needless to say, the thought of a stranger overseeing trouts last moments was a concern… More →

Chuck M. – Bend, OR

It’s been a couple of years since they helped my Shetland Sheep Dog, Bailey. She was losing weight at an alarming rate, and another vet. put her on medications. Problems was, Bailey is 17 lbs. and the rx guidelines were for a 50 lb. dog. Bailey started having seizures on a Sunday evening, and we felt scared and helpless. It was heart wrenching. We called the clinic, and brought Bailey in. They quickly had her sedated and on an IV, for an overnight stay. Bailey was re-diagnosed (properly) and given a simple regimen of meds to take. Well, it been over two years, and our 13 year old Sheltie is as feisty as ever. Bottom line…they saved her life, and gave her life. The wallet was a bit lighter, but we will always be indebted to Animal Emergency Clinic.

Sharon S. – Redding CA

We are from Redding, CA. Our Fritz (13 1/2 yrs) got very sick during our visit. The staff was excellent in helping Fritz. They showed great compassion. Dr. Doughtery was super, keeping us up dated. They made the passing of Fritz helpful in decision making. Truly animal loving people.

Tom S. – Bend, OR

Bend is lucky to have this place.  The staff is friendly and more importantly very competent.  They obviously care for the animals that come in and took very good care for our dog when he was having seizures.  They followed up with not only is but our regular vet to make sure that our dog got the care he needed.  I hope that you are not ever in need of emergency veterinary care but if you do need them these folks will be there and will  take care of your pet.  Highly recommended.

Emanuel R. – Eureka, CA

Very caring staff that is committed to the well being of animals.  We found a stray dog and the Vet Tech accepted the dog, clipped his nails and called animal to pick him up.  She went way beyond what was required on that dogs behalf.  I highly recommend them.